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Welcome to my anime and manga page!

I got into anime some time around 2016 by a friend that was suuuuuuper into My Hero Acedemia and I wanted to be able to understand what made her like it so much. While I started with shounen anime I quickly moved on to lotsa silly slice of life anime that made me fall in love with anime. ^-^ I also watch lotsa artsy and high concept anime as well. I love art that makes me think about philosophy and other things. Thats how my otaku journey began and I dont plan to stop watching anime or reading manga any time soon ;3

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Azumanga Daioh

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Anime I really like! ;3

Here's a few anime I adore and think really define me and my thoughts on them. If any of these interst you I hope you watch the anime and enjoy it! ;D

Girls Last Tour

One of my all time favorite things ever. Girls' Last Tour is a show about two girls taking a tour of humanity's ruins in a post apocalyptic setting where only massive empty concrete structures remain. Despite the grim setting the girls find the most joy they can in life and the anime focuses on their daily lives and all the nice things they have despite the post apocalypse. A major theme of the anime is about finding comfort in hoplessness and appriciation of the small things in life which is a message I live by. Lotsa introspection about humanity, finding comfort in hoplessness, the beautifully grim setting and seeing these girls enjoy life with each other makes this one of my favorite anime of all time. ️❤ The manga also has one of my favorite endings ever.

Dragon Maid

The other anime I'd consider my favorite! Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is an extremely well written show about an office worker, her dragon maid girlfriend and their adopted dragon child. The series is immensely entertaining and has a main cast that feels very human and loveable. Even the side characters who get less development still feel very real and their prsonalities synergize with everyone else very well! Seeing Kobayashi and Tohru grow closer and seeing Kobayashi start to enjoy living with her new adopted family makes me smile just thinking about it. c; Outside of the extremely well written characters the anime isnt afraid to be silly and is genuinely funny! Its also super well animated!!! I highly reccomend you watch this if you love wholesome slice of life anime like I do ;3

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh is peak silly slice of life nonsense. The anime often times has a very bizarre and nonsensical approach to humor that really hits for me! The characters and their gags are also really really funny without becoming their whole personality. Extremely quoteable and consistently made me laugh out loud at the silly jokes this is one of the funniest anime I've seen in a while. xD Azumanga also has a very large shitposting community which is actually how I found it in the first place! I really like this anime ;3


Nichijou has a very similar appeal to Azumanga Diaoh while being its own thing and innovating its own humor. I think I'd call Nichijou the funniest anime I've ever seen and potentially the best animated. It seems bizarre that a slice of life comedy would be so well animated but I think that the over the top animation adds a ton to the humor of the series! Speaking of which, the humor in this show is totally unpredictable and absurd which makes it consistantly laugh out loud funny. Even outside of its excelent humor the show has many side gags that they can take suprisingly seriously and are very well written which often times ends up in a joke. xD The show's main casts, while having gags are actually developed characters and show growth are very cute and loveable! No matter how absurd the stuff that happens in this world is the characters will always be relateable and the jokes will be hilarious >v<

New Game!

New Game isnt as unique as many of my other favorite shows but that dosent stop it from being a very well made slice of life show about cute girls working at a company maing games! The characters are all very likeable and really fun to watch interact with each other and get a bit of insight on how games are made and how characters are designed (Which I really enjoyed being a character designer). The show is also extremly gay, like most slice of life shows, but this is like EXTRA gay which is awesome. The first season of the anime is fairly standard but still good slice of life stuff but the second season focuses a lot more on the characters relationships with each other which I appriciate. Adorable anime with good characters you can easily get attached to making games and being gay is totally my deal ;D

Serial Experiments Lain

Suprisingly I only watched Serial Experiments Lain very recently. You'd expect me to have been obsessed with it like many anime fans on Neocities. xD The anime is a massive mindfuck with a suprisingly well aged focus on the internet, how we use it, how it impacts humanity and self identity as a whole. Serial Epxeriments Lain is a very avant garde piece of art which is notoriously hard to decipher. I love how abstract the show can be from time to time and its full of metaphors that you can deep dive into if you so please. Lain herself is an adorable yet standoffish, quiet and almost nonhuman protagonist and I think that fits the show very well. A very good piece of art that I'll absolutely have to watch again to fully understand. I adore bizarre and abstract shows like this which have a lot to introspect about. LETS ALL LOVE LAIN

The Demon Girl Nextdoor

Another anime I really enjoy! This anime is about Shamiko, a girl who woke up one day as a demon with horns and a tail and the magical girl Momo who is superhumanly strong. The show is very fast paced and silly and follows Shamiko's growth as a demon with the help of Momo. The main draw of the show is seeing Shamiko's daily life doin new things with her demon powers and Momo helping her as their relaitionship slowly grows stronger! There are lotsa funny jokes and all the side characters are very endearing and bounce off the main two very well! Shamiko and Momo are absolutey super fucking gay but its not explicitly stated in the anime yet. ;/ Either way this anime is another really good slice of life and has really great characters to get invested into!

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