Azumanga Daioh is a slice of life comedy manga created in 1999 by Kiyohiko Azuma for the monthly magazine Dengeki Daioh. The series later got an anime adaptation "Azumanga Daioh The Animation" in 2002! That anime adapation is mainly what I will be referring to on this fan page! ;D

I only recently watched Azumanga Daioh but the show is one of my favorite anime! The premise is simple and similar to many slice of life shows as it's just a show about a group of girls going though school as wacky antics ensue! The show is so silly and all of the characters have lotsa personality and they bounce off each other very well and lead to lotsa funny jokes! The show's humor can be a very acquired taste but all of the gags hit my shitposty and generally very weird sense of humor xD.

If you're curious about the characters of the show feel free to continue reading! Thanks for visiting ;D

Chiyo is a 5th grader who skipped to high school due to her being super intelligent. She's very cute but often gets teased due to her childish nature. Students are often envious of her grades but Chiyo dislikes being called a genius. Despite her educational merit she often worries if she's a burden, especially when it comes to sports. She lives in a wealthy home and has an awesome dog named Tadakichi-San! Chiyo's pigtails are also subject to lotsa silly jokes ;3

Kasuga Ayumu also known as Osaka is a very slow and spacey person who's a part of a lotta the more out there humor which I'm super into ;P. She does everything very slowly and takes a while to interpret information. Sometimes she fails to read the room but she's trying her best. She got her nickname "Osaka" from Tomo when Ayumu joins the class due to her transfering from Osaka, a Japanese prefecture. She's very funny and one of my favorites ^-^

Sakaki is a tall, stoic and cool looking girl who's very good at athletic activities. Despite her looks she likes cute things, especially cats and plushies! She desires to be small and cuter but her appearance makes this much harder. She loves animals and desperately wants to pet a cat she sees during her walk to school which always bites her. T^T Sakaki is my favorite character! She's like me in many ways and I like her ❤

Koyomi(or Yomi as Tomo calls her) is probably the most mature of the group. She acts as the straight man to Tomo's chaotic antics and they have been friends since elementary school. Koyomi is very sensitive about her weight and dosent like when Tomo teases her about it as she often does. Koyomi dosent see herself as childish as the other characters but she is ;P

Tomo is the chaotic genki girl of the group. She causes lotsa the comedic conflicts of the show. She's very competative and like to make everything a friendly competition. She's very impulsive and dosent care about her grades and prefers to have fun and goof off with her oomfies ;P. She loves to tease Koyomi and often gets punished by her for it. Also she's the caipirinha girl ;D

Kagura shows up later in the show than the other main girls and is super sporty and part of the swim team, which give her a tan. She's similar to Tomo in some ways being competative and wishes to make Sakaki her rival (despite Sakaki not really playing into the one sided rivalry). Unlike Tomo Kagura can tell when she's gone overboard with her energy and feels guilt for inconveniencing friends.

Kaori is like really fucking gay for Sakaki.

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She's p cool

Yukari sensei is the girl's English and their homeroom teacher. Yukari sensei is very moody and confrontational and does a pretty bad job at teching. She mostly does as she pleases as she's very impulsive. She's friends and rivals with Minamo sensei. Yukari sensei often gets into fights with Minamo as to who's the superior teacher. Yukari is also a TERRIBLE driver and may or may not have traumatized Chiyo o.0

Minamo sensei is the Gym teacher and homeroom teacher for class 2, right next to Yukari sensei's class. Minamo is a good teacher and her students all seem to love her. She's basically a nicer and less obnoxious version of Yukari sensei. She struggles in her romantic life and is single. Yukari sensei, of course, teases her about this. Minamo is a good driver unlike sombody else >.>