Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku

Hello! This is a page for me to just talk about and show some figures I'd love to own!

Many of these are stupid expensive but having them would make me so happy. I hope some day I'll find some of these for a good price TvT

FREEING 1/8th Pochaco Swimsuit

As of writing I still dont own any Pochaco figures and I want literally all of them because she is so adorable but if I could only have one I'd have this one.

I think this figure makes Pochaco the cutest and emphasizes her chubby physique the best ;3. This is also a nsfw figure! So if you'd like you can take off her swimsuit which I think is pretty cool. Pochaco is just such a cutie and I think this figure is one of her best and I'd love to own it. Its such a shame all the pochaco figures are so expensive. TvT

Kirby Nendoroid

This is one of my most wanted nendos. I love Kirby and it is the first nendo he got. It has many great face plates that the 30th anniversary Kirby nendo doesnt have which I realllly want. It also has lotsa nice accessories like a parasol which is really appealing to me!

They also released a blue and yellow version of these figures, which I also want. They're based on how kirby looks with the ice ability and beam respectively. This really is the best poseable Kirby figure imo and having it would make me so happy. Its a shame the aftermarket price is supid high ;/

Chito Nendoroid

Im so desprate for Girls' Last Tour figures dude -.-. Being my favorite anime I'd love to express my love for it through collecting figures but this figure, Yuuri nendo and a few rare obscure figures are all the series has. Of any figure on this list I want these two the most. >;0

These figures are so cute and I'd love to take some pictures of them exploring abandoned places. I think the chibi nendoroid style really fits for Chito and Yuuri's moeblob character designs.

Yuuri Nendoroid

Here's the other Girls' Last Tour nendo! I want Yuuri for the same reasons I want Chito due to my love of the anime. I also really like that Nuko is here with this figure ;3. These two also had a kettenkrad in which they could both sit in and I really want that too.

As usual with the figures on this page, the aftermarket price is absurd -_-. Its seriously like more than a hundred dollars per nendo and its like what the hell I want these but nendoroids arent worth that muchhhhh. Ughhhhh annoying >;c

Kotobukiya 1/7th Shamiko

The Demon Girl Next Door is an anime that charmed me immensely and I feel like this figure and the Momo below that goes with her encompasses the vibes I love about the series. Both figures have so much nice movement and very appealing dynamic poses which is what I like so much about them!

I think is so cute that the little Lillith idol has a rain coat. Such a silly little detial. The slanted base plates are also very fun!

Kotobukiya 1/7th Momo

This Momo figure pairs with the Shamiko above. I would love to own it for the same reasons as I want Shamiko. I love the series and I love beoth of their characters. Momo and Shamiko's interactions are so silly and I love their dynamic . They're also gay as shit which I find cool as hell -v-.

I really love how these figures go together and if I ever get them I'll get em as a pair >;3