Vile was a very emotional person throughout his life. When he was younger, he had a very short fuse and lashed out a lot because that was the only way he knew how to express himself. It was not uncommon for him to hurt others feelings around him. He took a lot of things very personally and was easily hurt. Being combined at birth, was and still is very protective of his sister Violet. Though he has hurt her on occasion which he now feels immense guilt for.

In modern times, Vile is significantly more timid and mild-mannered. Through time and with Violet's support, he has improved his anger issues a ton. He is much more shy and reserved, feeling extremely guilty of the pain he has inflicted upon others. Him and Violet reugularly play games together!



Observing others

Otaku culture


Reading books

Always with Violet

His fragile self-esteeme

His immobility

Anger issues



Always with Violet