Game Boy

This page is just a place for me to show off my Rhythm Heaven merch! Rhythm Heaven stuff is very rare so there probably wont be much but I'll add more when I get more merch ;p

Click the images to see them in full size if they're too small!!!

Tengoku Game!

I got a complete collection of Rhythm Tengoku recently! I got it from a Japanese proxy shopping service called ZenMarket (which I highly reccomned btw ;D) for a really solid price and Im very happy I bought it! The manual is really colorful and fun to flip through even if I'm not able to understand most of the text. I wish more modern game manuals were so colorful and fun instead of just a black and white sheet ;/

I'm so glad I got the stickers that originally came with the box too! They're a little damaged but they're so cute and I really enjoy preserving them. The game itself was really fun but I already told my opinions on that on the main page. xD

Tengoku Guidebook!

This is a Rhythm Tengoku Guidebook from 2006 and when I saw it online I knew I needed it and now that I have the book it makes me really happy! ;D Its so colorful and cute, I really wish guidebooks like this were made today but sadly gidebooks arent very practical nowadays since you can find any info you want on the internet. Even when they're made today they often seem less fun than older guidebooks ;/

The yellow bit is actually a sleeve! The actual cover is the one on the right. The sleeve has little ads on the inside for other late gba games and ds games including Mother 3 which I found very interesting

Here is a page from inside the book for Karate Man! I love how the page is layed out and how vibrant, well printed, and colorful the pages are. ;3 Theres pages for each Tengoku game with a chart on the right side illustrating all the imput timings which is really neat to see layed out. I'd love to translate these pages some day, that might be a fun project

Weird Fever Ad Pamphlet

This was a weird find! I found this on a Japanese auction site for like less than two dollars and I was like damn I've never seen this kinda thing before! ;0

The pamphlet seems to be some advertising material for Rhythm Heaven Fever (or Everyone's Rhythm Heaven in Japan) when it released in Japan! The people on the front of the cover are so silly looking like why are you making that face xD. Its only a few pages long but I think its really cool to find and own this Rhythm Heaven media I've never seen before! Like the Tengoku Guidebook, it may be fun to translate this. It'd be neat to see how they advertised the game when it was new.

Here's the content of the pamphlet below!