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Really cool rhythm heaven fanpages

Gold Remix is an amazing rhythm heaven fansite and is where I got a lot of these links from! So much useful info there and it was part of the inspiration to make this site ;D

Fehpiz is a neat lil site that links to a lotta Rhythm Heaven Resources as well as a kirby site! Which is sick and I reccomend checking it out ;3

The Rhythm Heaven Wiki! Its fan edited and maintained with all the Rhythm Heaven info you could need! Its also several times nicer than the Fandom version (ew)

Old Official Sites and Stuff

Japanese Sites

Rhythm Tengoku website

Rhythm Tengoku arcade website

Rhythm Heaven DS website

Rhythm Heaven Fever website

Rhythm Heaven Megamix website

Other Sites

Korean Rhythm Heaven DS website

Korean Rhythm Heaven Megamix website

North American Rhythm Heaven Fever website

European Rhythm Heaven Fever website