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What is Rhythm Heaven?

Rhythm Heaven is a series of rhythm games published by Nintendo and produced by famous Japanese rock singer Tsunku♂. The game consists of many individual quirky games that focus on listening to audio cues and punsihing relying on visuals. It has a very colorful and peppy aesthetic that I really enjoy! The series goes by many names such as Rhythm Paradise in Europe, Rhythm World in Korea or Beat The Beat Rhythm Paradise if you're in Europe


Rhythm Tengoku is the first game in the series and released on the GBA in 2006 only in Japan. Its a very fun game, one of the best for the GBA imo, but I wish it was a little longer. I got all perfects in like a week xD. I recently bought a copy with the box and all (it makes me very happy ;3) but if that is not obtainable for you or you want to emulate it in English there is a fan translation called Rhythm Heaven Silver which you can fairly easily find online! Although I've heard the translation is fairly mixed quality wise >.>. There was also an arcade cabinet created by Sega based on this game which added a variety of extra content, I'd love to play it some day but cabinets seem to be becoming rare T v T


Rhythm Heaven DS is the first game relased worldwide in 2008 and therefore the first game the us got and the second game I played in the series! The game controls (almost) entierly with the touch screen of the DS and flipped to the side (like Brain Age). The control scheme works suprisningly well, is very responseive and there is really no other game that feels the same as playing RHDS. The games play with the tap and flick concept in really fun ways, feels great to play, and the games are generally are very solid! Potentially my favorite Rhythm Heaven game ;D. My only real problem with the game is now fuckin strict the game is with some perfects and superbs it can get really frustrating and dumb -.-


Rhythm Heaven Fever is the 3rd game which was relased for the wii in 2011. Fever is arguably the most popular game of the series and got many fans into the game though I havent played it yet ;P! Despite what you'd expect the game did not use motion cotrols because the wii's motion controls werent precise enough so it only uses the A and B buttons xD. I hope to play the game at some point and I'll update with my opinions when I do! From what I've seen it looks very fun and is a sold game and I'd love to play the 2 player games exclusive to this game with sombody some day ;3. This is the game with the famous Remix 10 which has been parodied many times on youtube and was the first rhythm heaven content I saw before I even knew what the game was xD


Rhythm Heaven Megamix is the most recent game, released in 2015 for the 3ds, and was the first game I played! As indicated by the title Megamix remasters most of the older rhythm games from past games along with a few newcomers. Sadly the game only got a digital release in America but Japan and Europe got physical copies (I envy T v T). I really enjoy the massive ammont of games they brought back, especially the tengoku games and the new games are some of the best. The biggest problems with the game is that it has a story that nobody cares about and many pointless grindy additions. Probably the worst game but I still think its a very good game and worth playing! Probably the most accessible game in the francise and easiest game to start with (Until the 3DS eshop dies LULW)