Inscryption is a horror card battling game with a very gloomy atmosphere. The game was created by Daniel Mullins Games in 2021. You may know Daniel Mullins from his past games "The Hex" and "Pony Island" (Neither of which I have played yet.). I really love this game, and I'd love to share it with anyone who was interested in this page OvO. The game is best played blind and I will not cover everything the game has to offer here, but I will attempt to set the stage and explain the basics of the gameplay and my thoughts on all of those aspects. If the game catches your interest when reading I recommend you buy it and play it for yourself! The game is only 20 dollars on Steam ;P

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You start the game at a dark table with nothing more than dim candlelight illuminating the area around you. A set of eerie white eyes stare at you from the darkness. A voice in front of you exclaims that you are a new challenger and that he will teach you the rules of the game which I will explain shortly. The creature in front of you will act as your dungeon master for this game as well as the opponent you play against.

You sit in a dank wooden cabin with odd decor and a locked door that seems to occasionally beam with an unexplainable light. You are allowed to walk around freely in this area though it is noticeably small. A table, painting, cuckoo clock, a locked safe, wardrobe and other furnishings decorate the space. Along with wooden figures and candles to light the small home. The floorboards creak under your weight as you traverse the shoddy room. It feels as though you must solve the puzzles hidden in this room if you intend to complete this creature's challenge.


As the creature beckons you to play you don't have much choice and play along with his game. A map is rolled out in front of you, and you must choose what path you'd like to go down. Each icon means different things which will be explained to you by him upon first visiting that location. This is where you engage in card battles, get new cards, modify your cards and other things. It is important to plan ahead of time to make the most of what is ahead of you on your path.

This is a battle. Your opponent will explain the rules to you when needed, but I will explain them here ;P. To the left is the scale which shows how much damage you have received and have taken. If the scale tips 5 points to the left you lose and if the scale tips the same amount to the right you win. To the right is your items and the candlestick. You get items from traversing the map, many of which have very powerful effects on the game though they are single use. Both sides are depicted below.

You play most units by spilling the blood of the units you have played before. Others are played with the bones of creatures who have fallen before. Very few but some can be played for free. Conveniently there is a deck of free squirrels you can use to draw blood from once per turn instead of drawing from your deck >v>


Cards are the main gameplay function and can vary lots, let's explain how they work with stoat and stinkbug as examples! The number on the left is the amount of damage a card deals and the number on the right is the amount of damage the card can take from opposing cards before dying. The symbols on the top right are the cost of the card to be played. The stoat has a cost of one blood, so it demands one sacrifice to be played. The stinkbug demands two bones from fallen creatures to be played. These values vary from card to card.

The symbol behind the stinkbug is a tribe symbol, this denotes what type of creature a card is and how it synergizes with other game mechanics. The stinkbug is part of the insect tribe, the stoat has no tribe and there are also, canines, birds, reptiles and elk. The symbol in the middle of the stinkbug card is a sigil, which there is a huge variety of unique sigils in the game which adds a ton of interest to the game. The stinkbug has the stinky sigil which lowers the attack of opposing cards by one. There are multiple points where you can get cards or combine cards to give the multiple sigils and its really fuckin cool.

Here is where I'll stop, there's so much to this game and there is lots more to learn and piece together! I didnt even bring up the arg deep inside the game there is to figure out >v>. Even if the game doesnt interest you thank you for reading ;D I appreciate you reading to the end (*^▽^*)