Eliza is a ghost girl with a confident and chill temperament. Due to her laid back attitude combined with generally being dismissive of authority, she may come off as lazy and irresponsible to some, but this doesn't bother Eliza, she thinks it's best to do things slowly instead of rushing to finish something. Eliza feels she is acutely aware of others emotions and tries to support those she feels may be going through a tough time. Although, she enjoys playful teasing. In the past she's been ridiculed for how her body looked, and that weighed a lot on her mind, but now she's confident in her body and self-expression. She enjoys flaunting her sex appeal!

All of this makes her and Violet quick friends, and she often goes to Violet and Glimmer's place to listen to music together with them. Eliza and Rhin used to work for the same employer when she first got a job! Back then, Eliza was very fond of Rhin and found her meek personality to be charming. It'd be a few years before they'd meet again. It brings Eliza joy to console Rhin on her anxieties and make her feel loved. ;3 Her, Rhin and Glimmer sometimes bond over their past self-image issues.



Greasy food

Goth music


Feeling like she's helped somebdoy


Phasing through objects

Shitty customers

Restriction of self expression

Poor parenting

Long movies