Here's my Traditional artwork! If you want to see the art in full resolution feel free to click the image!!! And then if you wanna go back to the page click the digital tab again

I have the most experience with traditional artwork and have multiple sketchbooks full of drawings and sketches so I'm not gonna be able to put them all in here since there's so much art many of which are sketches but I'll put some peices I really like here! Another note is that this art isnt gonna have specific dates since I have been poor at dating when I made my physical artwork ;/

Inktober 2023

Days 1-3 of Inktober. This peice features Kirby, a spider crab and this odd giant bunny girl! I really enjot the enviroment on the bunny girl drawing ;3

Dream, Spiders, Path

Days 4-6 of Inktober. Here's a guy running from some kinda monster, Golden Freddy and Confused Glimmer

Dodge, Map, Golden

Days 7-9 of Inktober! I had the theme for this page be mushrooms! I drew a weird tongue shroom, Toadstool from PVZ2 as well as a sexy big boobed shroom girl. Shes cute -v-

Drip, Toad, Bounce

Days 10-12. Here I drew the pokemon Gholdengo, Kino from the anime Kino's Journey as well as Rhin eatin some spicy curry

Fortune, Wonder, Spicy

Days 13-15. This page was a lotta fun! I drew Bocchi from the anime Bocchi The Rock, a crumbling castle creature as well as Naafiri from League in her weapon form

Rise, Castle, Dagger

Days 16-18. I did another kirby, this time with the angel copy ability, an interesting hellish girl, and a giant stake shaking off its rider! I really like the demon girl here, she has a very fun annoyed expression

Angel, Demon, Saddle

Inktober days 19-21. I was looking forward to this page because of the prompt "plump". xD I drew Violet resting her head in her girlfriend's fat thighs, the pokemon Frosmoth as well as a wrecking ball with a silly face ;p

Plump, Frost, Chains

Days 22-24! Another page I had a lotta fun with. I drew Vile getting chin scritches and being a cutie, the sun and moon connected by a monocle and a fish flopping in a bowl of ramen. I think I nailed the fish and I really enjoy how dynamic the spashing soup makes the piece

Scratchy, Celestial, Shallow

Days 25-27. This time I drew some ponty blade man made out of many sharp things, the Pokemon Eiscue, and a worm like monster made out of vaguely square or rectangular objects. I enjoy the design of the sharp guy, maybe I could use him some day in something. I also really enjoy how weird the monster is

Dangerous, Remove, Beast

And finally days 28-30! Here I drew Kris from Deltarune, The Wall of Flesh from Terraria as well as a Pikachu goin fast as fuck. These were the last prompts I did because I simply forgot to do the 31st's prompt ;DDD

Sparkle, Massive, Rush

Finished Artwork

Some creatures I made for my high school class with graphite. These creatures are a combination of chinchillas and the thorny devil lizards. I like to imagine that these fluffy devils live in small packs and live together in one burrow. I wonder if these plants are carnivorous or their food sorce? O3O

Another drawing I made for high school with colored pencils. I like this weird creature, maybe its more gentle than its appearance may make it seem maybe not ;p. I'm also very happy with how the backround turned out!

More high school class stuff. This one was based on my feelings towards my time during marching band and how much I despised it (It was hell TvT)

High school stuffs. Im sure there is some enviromental message here somewhere

More high school class stuff. Cute little coffee shroom I drew with alcahol markers! I like doin liquids

Drew this on a whim for class with some crayons and pens. The crayon aestetic is very fun

More high school class stuff drawn with markers. More liquids and big hands ;D

Some interesting junk food creature designs made with colored pencils

Weird goopy monstah

This is a character design I made a while ago and never did anything with, she's a honeypot ant with a bigass abdomin full of honey and she WILL beg you for honey

The rare Quaggy male character xD Hes a pretty cool design, I may reuse him at some point


The coloring here was very unique and fun. I love makin weird ass buggo creatures

Weird sharko in some kinda cavern

Violet and Vile enjoying Glimmer's cute clothes ;3

The aftermath of the previous drawing. As cute as her girlfriend is in her clothes, Violet's slime is very messy

Redraw of official art of Shamiko and Momo from The Demon Girl Next Door being really gay for each other. This is one of my first full watercolor (and ink) peices!

Comic about things and stuff that I quite like

Graphite and Sketches

This isnt all of my sketches (obviously) but they're a few I really enjoy

Made for art class. Such pretty little beetles

Chito and Yuuri from Girls' Last Tour vibing

Kirby doodle I made for a coworker! It was originally for her kid's birthday but I never got the chance to give it to the ;/ I still really like this doodle though

Messin around with Magnolia and some expressions

Old test comic thing I made a long time ago. If/whenever I get to makin some kinda story with my ocs I imagine it'd be paneled in interesting ways!

Lil Halloween costume doodles

Look at these gay idiots

Weird octo guy

Oldish Peony and Eliza doodle

I drew this at my sister's high school graduation. It was so longggg -.-

One of the many times I've drawn randomly generated Pokemon all together on a page! I like how I've made all these random Pokemon interact in the enviroment

Lil Rhin and Eliza comic

A lil rough refrence for Rhin, she's such a cutie

A drawing I made about my feelings while I was in school. I really love this drawin, simple as it may be ^^

Violet's Pokemon Team!

This is a redraw of one of my OLLLD peices from back when I was super into Undertale back when it released. It was a very edgy and poorly drawn peice, this redraw is pretty messy but its much better than the original xD